Trail Rides

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We offer trail rides for all inability levels, although those born on a hill prove to be a bit of a challenge. Each ride is led by an experienced volunteer wrangler who looks out for the safety of all riders in the group. Therefore, the pace of each ride will be set by the rider with the least courage, talent or sense of humor. 


1-Hour Trail Ride

Be one with your horse as you meander through the wooded trails of Georgia Frontiers.  It's pretty easy.  So, If you're coordinated enough to stay balanced on your horse and look around a bit, you'll enjoy scenic views, a bond with your horse, and a great feeling of accomplishment.   Those who are relaxed enough may try trotting...or even a canter.  Perfect for families with children (9 years and older) and first-timers. $48 ($45 Cash)


1 1/2-Hour Trail Ride

If you are looking for a horseback riding thrill, you'll love this longer ride.  Those riding well will have several opportunities to lope and canter. Perfect for anyone who has ridden before and wants to step it up a notch.   $70  ($65 Cash)


2-Hour Trail Ride

Pad your saddle and giddy up!  Take it slow and steady or fast and furious...the choice is yours. Perfect for those who know what it feels like to sit on a horse for two hours!  $85  ($80 Cash)


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Reservations Required
220 pound weight limit
Minimum age:  9