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Our Wranglers - Fillies & Broncos


Roger Norris was a grumpy old cowboy who sold magic elixirs for, like, a million years.  Whenever he had a chance to get away from the grueling drudgery of daily life, he would find a horse to ride and escape into his own little world.  One day he had an idea.  He realized that one horseback ride could cure your ills (and your bad attitude) better than any of his elixirs or years of weekly therapy with the local shrink. So in 2000, he started selling real magic at Georgia Frontiers.


Now, Roger isn't a horse whisperer.  He tried it once and the horses wouldn't listen.  But he takes full advantage of a group of volunteers who work wonders tending to his horses and 150 acres of wooded trails. Together, they offer western-style trail rides for city slickers who want to have some fun and get away from real life for a while.  Guaranteed to put a smile on your face.   


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(678) 234-8852
Reservations Required
220 pound weight limit
Minimum age:  9